Messages for Students / Staff


Rimbey Elementary has  an auto attendant for incoming phone calls. RES has a student population of 460+ students and we want to avoid interrupting classes to deliver non emergent reminder messages to students during the day. Please assist us by making sure that students are aware of any special after school arrangements, either verbally or written in his/her agenda or via a note, prior to leaving for school in the morning.  As well, please remember that our staff is often on supervision throughout the day and may not be able to check voice or e-mail messages until after students have been dismissed at the end of the day, or a staff member may be absent from school and a substitute would not have access to that message.  With this in mind parents should not leave voice or e-mail messages that are time sensitive (need to be delivered prior to dismissal) but rather speak with the school office personnel directly for occasional unexpected emergency after school arrangements for your child. Thank you for your assistance with regards to this.


Auto Attendant features/menu:

  • To report an absence, press 8...
  • At any time during this message, press 0... (This will ring the reception line at the school.)
  • If you know the extension of the person you wish to speak to, please enter it now
  • To access our directory, press the # key...(callers can find people by name)
  • To leave a voicemail for our receptionist, press 9...(this goes to the main Reception phone)


  • Do not leave a message on any extension if it is time sensitive. Messages may not be retrieved until after school hours at 3:15 p.m., or next day if staff member is absent.