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Welcome To Rimbey Elementary School!

Rimbey Elementary School is a happy and caring place of learning. We welcome all new and returning students, as well as their families to the School. We are an elementary school situated in the town of Rimbey, Alberta. We have a student population of approximately 400+ students. 

Education of our children is a partnership between home, school and the child. For students to be successful in their learning, all members of the partnership must fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Parents are an integral part of that partnership and a key element in the success of children in school. We welcome parent involvement as part of our learning team. With your involvement and support students will always benefit. 

Communication is an important part of the success of any partnership. Parents, students and staff are working towards the achievement of our school goals. Together we can create the best learning experience for our children. 

Children learn by example. Together, read the school blogs, calendar of events, the daily agenda and encourage your child's comments. Check into volunteer opportunities; think about joining the School Council. You have much to offer. If your child sees that you care, then they will care. 

We invite you to join our community of learners and look forward to working with you to provide a positive learning experience for our students. 

Rimbey Elementary School Office is open from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM - Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

Ph: (403) 843-3751

Fx: (403) 785-0734



Mrs. Jodi Bramfield, Principal 


Ms. Kathleen Terry, Assistant Principal