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Chromebook Parent Purchase Program

Over the past few years Rimbey Elementary had chromebooks available for student use.  We were not able to provide each student with their own personal device, so the chromebooks were shared between classrooms.  For the 2020-2021 school year, we will have a reduction in the number of chromebooks available to students as our older chromebooks reach their ‘end of life’ and can no longer be used.

As we plan for the upcoming school year; we are putting plans in place to minimize sharing of items that are considered ‘high touch surfaces’.  One of the items that falls into this category are chromebooks.  With this in mind we are encouraging students to bring their own device to school with them if they are able to.

For students in grade 4 - 6, we encourage parents to consider purchasing a Chromebook for their child to use at school. Wolf Creek offers a  Chromebook Parent Purchase Program in conjunction with BCom Computer. The link for additional information is: