Student/Teacher Messages


Student and Teacher messages after 12:00 PM can't be guaranteed due to the busy-ness of the school environment. 

  • We also want to avoid interrupting classes with non-emergent messages. 
  • Please make and communicate end of day and afterschool plans prior to students coming to school. 
  • In very rare circumstances, if there are emergent changes to plans, we will do our best to communicate messages to teachers/students, but this can not be guaranteed.



Please call 403-783-5441 and follow the prompts. 

  • messages may not be returned until after the end of the school day, or should a staff member be absent, the following school day.

If you are needing a message to be delivered to your child prior to home time, please do not leave a voicemail message as time sensitive messages may not be accessed until after dismissal time.  A staff member may be absent that day and would not have access to deliver the required message.