Our literacy programs are an integral part of the growth we see in our students’ reading abilities as well as their enjoyment of reading.  

  • Literacy Room - main resources available are: Regie Routman, Daily 5/CAFE, Moving Up, LLI/F & P
  • Growing collection of Literacy Resources in each classroom
  • Library Program -  focuses on building students’ reading stamina, teaching good fit books and the joy of reading
  • Imagine Learning - targeting ELL and struggling readers
  • Daily Leveled Literacy Intervention:  30 minutes a day for in Division 1 and 45 minutes a day in Division  2
  • Grade 1 Literacy Blitz - daily cross class supports
  • PLTs and PD focused on deepening our knowledge about best practices in literacy and applying it to the classroom
  • CRMs focused on struggling readers, supports they require and closely monitoring their program
  • Intervention Team - assists with programming and  supports for students with behavioural, social & emotional needs

Breakfast/Nutrition Program - tremendous community support

Health and Wellness Initiative - Health Champions/SWAT active role in school activities, Positive Playground

Grade 6 Peer Mediation (SSW)

Sensory Room

Online Library

Bright Futures Play Academy