AHS Newsletter - Feb 2024


What is kindness?

Kindness is sharing the best parts of our hearts with those around us. Kindness is seeing the good in others and celebrating it. Take time to show kindness to yourself and others this month.

How does kindness benefit you?

Kindness has been shown to increase self-esteem, empathy, compassion and improve mood. It can increase a feeling of connection with others, decrease loneliness and
improve relationships. It can also be contagious and encourage others to join in with their own acts of kindness!

Ways to be kind to yourself

When sharing kindness, it’s great to share it with others, but important to show kindness to yourself too. Try some of these simple ways to show yourself a little more kindness!

• Make a gratitude list
• Do something you love
• Write down things you love about yourself
• Practice positive self-talk

Ways to be kind to others

Try one of these easy ways to show kindness to others. You can do these anytime!
• Pay someone a compliment
• Hold the door open
• Express gratitude for someone
• Smile


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