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Back to School Info - 2021-2022

The school office is closed July 1 - August 26 inclusive. Our office will be open August 27, 30, 31,  during regular school hours, at which time any messages, either phone or email, received over the summer break (July 1 - August 26 inclusive) will be responded to at that time.  This blog may have new or revised information added periodically. Please check back to it and our school website for procedures and additions that may assist in back to school for September.

The following information will assist our RES families during the first few weeks of the 2021-2022 school term.   Please note that should AHS regulations change there may be a change in the school entry schedule. Please check the school website and your email for updates on the new school procedures, if applicable.

There are a number of links at the bottom of this blog, including: supply list, school calendar and first day staggered entry procedures for kindergarten to grade six students - posted on the school website calendar. The school website is updated regularly with new information and upcoming events throughout the year to help keep families informed about what is happening at the school. We encourage you to become familiar with our school website.  We will be using the school website (monthly school "blogs", calendar of events) and Power Announcement email and text notification, Facebook and Twitter for upcoming events. We encourage you to "subscribe" to our school calendar to receive notifications of new events as they are added or any event changes. As well, we encourage you to regularly check The Wolf Creek School Division website for updated information as well.  The Wolf Creek School Division link

What happens on the first day of school - staggered entry dates and times?      

Our staggered entry will be in effect for all students - please review the criteria below and note the days of attendance to classes based on Surnames. Coming to school in smaller groups help ease the children into school and classroom routines.

Sept. 1 - Grades 1 - 6 - Students' First Day - staggered entry - Surnames - "A" - "I" attend

Sept. 2 - Grades 1 - 6 - Students' First Day - staggered entry - Surnames - "J" - "Z" attend

Sept. 3 - Grades 1 - 6 - All students -  Surnames - "A" - "Z" attend

Sept. 6 - Labour Day Holiday - No School

Sept. 7 - Kindergarten - RE KATT -  Tues/Thurs - Teacher will be emailing parents with staggered entry plan after August 30th. 

Sept. 8 - Kindergarten - RE KAMW - Mon/Wed - Teacher will be emailing parents with staggered entry plan after August 30th. 

Sept. 9 - Kindergarten - RE KATT - Tues/Thurs - Teacher will be emailing parents with staggered entry plan after August 30th. 

Sept. 10 - Kindergarten - RE KAMW - Mon/Wed - Teacher will be emailing parents with staggered entry plan after August 30th. 

Sept. 13 - Kindergarten - RE KAMW - Mon/Wed - All students - Surnames - "A" - "Z" attend

Sept. 14 - Kindergarten - RE KATT - Tues/Thurs - All students - Surnames - "A" - "Z" attend


When do I find out my child’s classroom teacher?                            

Parents can find out their child’s homeroom classroom assignment on August 30, 2021 (after 1:00 PM) by logging into their Parent Portal account. Any new students that registered online, including kindergarten, will have his/her Parent Portal/RYCOR information set up during the online process and access granted once your child's application has been approved and processed.   Your Parent Portal/RYCOR account is also used for paying student costs for many things including all required student fees, field trips, hot lunches, etc. Due to confidentiality the office is not able to provide log on information or passwords over the phone, email, or text.  Our office is able to assist should you require to "reset" your password. Please contact the school office directly - 403-843-3751 or, when it opens after the summer break on August 27th. Parent portal account password resets may take up to 48 business hours (2 days) to become effective. If you sent an email requesting your password to be reset through tech services be sure to check your "spam" folder if the reset message is not showing up in your regular email account.

Student Demographic Update form for Returning Student Registration for 2021/2022

Required to be completed and submitted prior to the school year starting This is your child's "student registration" and confirmation of attendance at RES.  You will receive a notification when the form (Student Demographic Update) has been uploaded to your Parent Portal - School Engage account (August 20). This form is required to be completed and submitted prior to the first day of school for all students, returning and new to our school.

ALL WCPS parents are required to go to the online Parent Portal account and complete the Student Demographic Update form electronically (there are no paper copies), this includes new students to our school. WCPS parents must complete this form online prior to the first day of classes. The form will be mostly pre-populated with current data from PowerSchool. However, there will be several essential consents that will not be pre-populated and will require parents to complete as they review and confirm the updated registration form including the following:

  • Responsible Use of Technology
  • Walking Off Campus
  • Code of Conduct
  • Human Sexuality (grade specific)
  • Medical Information
  • FOIP

Please note that until the Student Demographic Update Profile form is complete and submitted for approval, students will not be allowed to access any technology, will have limited access to physical education activities and will not be permitted to leave school grounds for activities. We ask that parents assist us by completing the forms in a timely fashion as this is an Alberta Education mandate and there are liability issues for the Division if the forms are not completed.                                        

When are the school fees applied?   

School Fees for the 2021/2022 applied to student accounts by September 3rd and are due for payment online at that time. All assigned student fees including extra-curricular (hot lunches, subway days, mini basketball, etc.) are required to be paid online through Parent Portal. Required fees must be paid prior to optional or extra-curricular purchases/events being available for purchase.  Outstanding fees, if applicable, from previous years are also carried over and require payment as well.

2021/2022 Fees - These fees include but are not limited to: Cultural Supplemental Fee, TELUS - Science in Motion, Author Visits - in person and virtual, additional programming and supplies for all grades as well as for grades 1 - 6 - Agenda for each student - one magnet for each family, technology usage fee, additional programming supplies.  Fees do not include field trips or Options fees and supplies or any extra-curricular activities and/or events.

Kindergarten - $15.00 

Grades 1 - 6 - $55.00 

Payments for all fees, including extra-curricular, hot lunches, optional fees will be accepted only online by way of the following payment options: credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, as well as Pre-Paid Credit Cards. Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit can be used at the same banks as well as Interac.

Any credit backs to your RYCOR account that may be applied do not expire and can be used for any future WC student fee payments, including field trips, hot lunches, etc.  Parents/Guardians can "Transfer Money" (credits on account) right from your profile, including between any Wolf Creek schools and students in your family.

Chrome book Parent Purchase Program

Over the past few years Rimbey Elementary had chrome books available for student use.  We were not able to provide each student with their own personal device, so the chrome books were shared between classrooms.  For the 2021-2022 school year, we will have a reduction in the number of chrome books available to students as our older chrome books reach their ‘end of life’ and can no longer be used. With this in mind we are encouraging students to bring their own device to school with them if they are able to.

For students in grade 4 - 6, we encourage parents to consider purchasing a Chrome book for their child to use at school. Wolf Creek offers a  Chrome book Parent Purchase Program in conjunction with BCom Computer. The link for additional information is:

How do I register a new student?  

ALL New Student Registration must be done online. (Please note that any registrations received after June 29th will not be processed until the school office opens after the summer break - August 27th). Documentation regarding legal name, birth date, citizenship, custody orders (if applicable) etc., must all be attached to your online application prior to your child being accepted as a student to RES and the registration process completed. Please be aware that the student registration may only be completed by the child's legal parent/guardian with whom the student resides. As well, kindergarten class placements are based on a number of factors including, number of registrations received, date registration received (including required documentation), program day availability and student needs, not just on parent preference.  

Students must reside in the Rimbey Elementary School catchment attendance area. Please note that catchment areas for Wolf Creek Public Schools begin with Kindergarten and must be approved each year.

Rural School Bus Students - If you are unsure of which school catchment area your child should be attending please contact WCPS Transportation Services Department with your complete land location for assistance.  Transportation information link below.

                New Student Registration - Link 

School Engage Parent - New Student Registration User Guide (link)

All required legal documentation must be included with the application prior to submission to the school. Registration is accepted and approved by RE Administration once all proper legal documentation and information has been uploaded with the application. Legal documentation refers to a copy of an original birth certificate and if applicable: proof of citizenship, custody or guardianship orders and foreign student and parent documentation. The birth certificate and all applicable documents.

Students are not considered “registered” or placed on a class list until proof of birth date/citizenship and any other required legal documentation is produced and uploaded with the online application.

Where do I find school calendars, first day, supply lists, etc.?  

 - RES Calendar of events - Link

- Grades 1 - 6 Calendar - Link

- Grades 1 - 6 Staggered Entry for September - emailed to parents on June 28th  and also posted on our school calendar and highlighted above.

 - Supply list for all grades the 2021-2022- Link


School calendar for Kindergarten students for the 2021-2022 school term for both classes (RE KAMW) - Mon/Wed/Fri (purple) and (RE KATT) Tues/Thurs/Fri (yellow).  Our kindergarten teacher will be contacting families after August 30th and letting you know the staggered entry for your child. Parents may have requested their preference for either the Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday program, however due to programming needs and number of students registered we are unable to guarantee parent choice.

Kindergarten Calendar - Link



Additional information and links to assist you.   

RJSHS - information for 2021/2022 Grade Seven students - Power announcement sent home on May 26th (click here for link to letter)

Bus Application Form - Link

Rural School Bus Students - If you are unsure of which school your child should be attending please contact WCPS Transportation Services Department.  If you have never been on a bus route, please make sure that you apply immediately.  Applications for busing take a few days to process. Cross Boundary applications must be approved each year.

Parent Portal - Link

Parent Portal Single Sign On Instructions - Link

- Please note that all student fees collected at RES, including hot lunches, field trips, special events, supplemental fees, etc., are all paid online through RYCOR/Parent Portal. RES is a "cash/cheque free" school. Application works best on an Ipad or computer. Please note that "Parent Portal App" is not supported or created by Wolf Creek. Best to follow our links from the school website.

RYCOR Online Payments - Link

RYCOR Online Payment Parent Guide - Link

RYCOR  Printing Payment Receipts - Link

RYCOR  Payment Quick links

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