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New Student Registration

ALL registration forms  will only be available for completion online.   All completed registrations forms are subject to approval and a copy of an original birth certificate to verify birth date , or other legal documents to verify your child's legal name, citizenship and birth date as well as any custody/guardianship orders must be uploaded with your completed online registration form prior to submission.  Students are not considered registered until all documentation has been produced and verified.  Only a legal parent/guardian with whom the student resides  is eligible to complete the application.

Please note that all information for online registration  for all grades is at the bottom of this page.  All registrations and legal required documentation is required to be uploaded along with the completed registration form.  This is for all new students Kindergarten - Grades Six, as well as Pre-K (Bright Futures Play Academy) Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by December 31st of the year applying to a kindergarten program (Wolf Creek Public Schools Administrative Procedure 300).

If you need to order your child's birth certificate click on the link to Alberta Services. 


Student Registrations Link for registrations will all be online only. (link) - Create New Account

School Engage Parent - New Student Registration User Guide (link)

(Link is for new students that have never attended a Wolf Creek Public School (WCPS) - including Bright Futures Play Academy (BFPA)


Parents/Legal Guardians can complete these forms and upload documentation on any device (iPhone, iPad, laptop, Chromebook or computer).

Information Update (all students) for the each upcoming school term. (August/September)

Prior to the first day of school, typically by the last week of August, all WCPS parents are asked to go to the online Parent Portal account and complete the assigned Returning Student Registration Profile forms.  WCPS parents must complete this form prior to the first day of classes. The form will be mostly pre-populated with current data from PowerSchool. However, there will be several essential consents that will not be pre-populated and will require parents to complete as they review and confirm the updated registration form:

  • Responsible Use of Technology
  • Walking Off Campus
  • Code of Conduct
  • Human Sexuality (grade specific)
  • Medical Information
  • FOIP

Please note that until the Returning Student Registration Profile form is complete, students will not be allowed to access any technology, will have limited access to physical education activities and will not be permitted to leave school grounds for activities. We ask that parents assist us by completing the forms in a timely fashion as this is an Alberta Education mandate and there are liability issues if the forms are not completed.


Registration for Kindergarten & Pre-K Info

Completed online registration forms are to be accompanied by a copy of an original birth certificate, as proof of birth date/citizenship prior to application submission.  You are required to upload a copy of the birth certificate, proof of citizenship and all custody or guardianship orders and attach to your online registration form prior to submitting to the School.   Students are not considered “registered” or placed on a class list until proof of birth date/citizenship and any other required documentation is produced and uploaded with online application.  We ask that parents register by March 31st for September enrolment. This assists us with determining how many kindergarten classes are required for the upcoming year. Program day choices dependent on total kindergarten registrations, not on parent choice necessarily. Kindergarten programs are part time and run for full days on Monday/Wednesday/alternating Fridays and Tuesday/Thursday/alternating Fridays.  Parents may request their preference for either the Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday program, however due to programming needs and number of students registered we are unable to guarantee parent choice.  To assist us with programming and planning for the new school year, we ask that parents register their eligible child by March 31st.  This will help us to determine if we need to add an additional kindergarten class due to numbers. Too few kindergarten registrations may determine that only one program day choice will be offered in September. 

Make sure you select the school correct year.

New Student Kindergarten & Pre K registration   (link)

School Engage Parent - New Student Registration User Guide (link)

Bright Futures Play Academy - Information link 


Below you will find a link for new students (never registered at a WCPS) to Rimbey Elementary School (K - 6) and Bright Futures Play Academy. 

New Pre-K or Kindergarten Registration and then select "Create Account"

Click the link above and then click create an account if your child has never attended a Wolf Creek Public School before, this includes Bright Futures Play Academy.

Parents/Legal Guardians can complete these forms and upload documentation on any device (iPhone, iPad, laptop, Chromebook or computer).

Please Note: A copy of  original birth certificate and any other pertinent legal documentation, such as custody or guardianship orders, MUST be uploaded and accompany registration at time of submission. Students are not considered registered until all documentation has been received/uploaded with your child’s registration form.

If you need to order your child's birth certificate click on the link to Alberta Services. 

Age Requirement: Kindergarten Student must be 5 years of age by December 31st (Wolf Creek Public Schools Policy #300).





All busing registrations must be completed online. To register for busing, please CLICK HERE

Bright Futures Play Academy Registration

Wolf Creek Public Schools provides pre-kindergarten programs in a number of communities including Ponoka, Lacombe, Rimbey, Eckville, Bentley and Blackfalds. We want your child to have strong foundations for success as they plan to be ready for kindergarten. We know that child’s development during the early years profoundly affects their learning behaviour as well as the physical and emotional health in school.

Email us or call us at 403.783.3473 for more information!

Our pre-kindergarten programs are delivered in a classroom setting with small, manageable class sizes allowing the learning team to address the unique needs of a child. Our programs focus on learning through play where children interact, explore and develop literacy through purposeful exposure to the world around them.

The language-rich program of Bright Futures Play Academy, taught by certified classroom teachers and supported by educational assistants, registered speech-language pathologists and other professionals, helps students develop intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. Bright Futures Play Academy is designed for three and four year old children.

For more information about these programs visit: