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WCPS - Communications Protocol

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New Wolf Creek Communications Protocol Admin Procedure 152 

Wolf Creek School Division has a new communication protocol that impacts communications in all Schools. Below are a few of the highlights to note about this protocol. To read the entire Admin Procedure you can click the following link:

WCPS - Administrative Procedure 152 - Appendix A


Here are some of the highlights:

1. Communication is a two way street between staff and home that creates and fosters strong positive relationships.

2. The protocol aims to manage and improve school-home communication by offering a guide to tools, timing and work-life balance.

3. Social media can be a powerful tool for communication and is great for sharing news, sending key date reminders, directing people to resources, etc., but it does not work well for discussing personal and confidential issues, or engaging in dialogue.

4. If parents have concerns or questions they are encouraged to use the following process:

● Speak to the Classroom Teacher: Seek resolution through discussions with the classroom teacher.
● Speak to the School Principal: If resolution cannot be reached with the classroom teacher, discuss the matter with the school principal.
● Speak to Central Office: If resolution cannot be reached with the principal, bring the concern forward for discussion with the appropriate Board personnel.

5. All communication MUST be respectful and all parties shall be treated with dignity.

6. To promote a positive and healthy work-life balance electronic communication will adhere to the 

     “Weekday 7 to 7 Rule”.

Which means:

● All electronic communication should be scheduled for delivery between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on regular weekdays only (excepting emergencies). There is an expectation that no electronic communication occurs on the weekend unless there is an emergency. It is recognized that attending to work-related tasks may occur outside of the 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m hours due to how each staff member attends to their duties.
● Responses should be as timely as possible in the circumstances respecting the 7 to 7 rule.
● Staff may continue to conduct direct communication (telephone calls, online conference calls, or in person meetings) on weekdays and at times convenient for both staff and families.



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